Population - Demography, Migration and Projections
Life Tables
Marriages and Divorces
Internal Migration
International Migration
Population Projections
Education and lifelong learning
Kindergartens (pre-primary education)
Basic and secondary education (primary, lower secondary and upper secondary)
Tertiary education (professional bachelor’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees)
Vocational training in Vocational Training Centers, Vocational Gymnasiums and Vocational Colleges
Education expenditures
Continuing Vocational Training of the employees
Adult Education Survey
Publishing activity - books, newspapers and magazines
Film production
Radio programme activity
Television programme activity
Performing arts
Community cultural centers
Participation of the population aged 25-64 in cultural activities and events
Household income, expenditure and consumption
Total income - quarterly data
Total income -yearly data
Monetary income - quarterly data
Monetary income - yearly data
Total expenditure - quarterly data
Total expenditure - yearly data
Monetary expenditure - quarterly data
Monetary expenditure - yearly data
Household consumption - quarterly data
Household consumption -yearly data
Housing conditions of the households
Availability of durables
Average prices and purchased quantities of main goods by households
Purchasing power
System of health accounts (SHA 1.0)
System of health accounts (SHA 2011)
In-patient, out-patient and other health care establishments
Homes for medico-social care for children
Deaths by causes and mortality by causes
European Health Interview Survey (2008)
European Health Interview Survey (2014)
European health interview survey (2019)
Labour market
Annual statistics on earnings and labour costs
Short-term statistics on earnings and labour costs
Short-term business statistics
Labour Force Survey - quarterly data
Labour Force Survey - annual data
Labour Force Survey - ad-hoc module "Reconciliation between work and family life"
Labour Force Survey - ad-hoc module "Employment of disabled people" - 2011
Labour Force Survey - ad-hoc module "Transition from work to retirement" - 2012
Labour Force Survey - ad-hoc module "Accidents at work and work related health problems" - 2013
Structural (four yearly) statistics on earnings and labour costs
Survey on income and living conditions (SILC)
Monetary poverty
Monetary poverty of older people (60+; 75+)
In-work poverty
Distribution of income
Material deprivation
Material and social deprivation
Work intensity
Population at risk of poverty or social exclusion (Еurope 2020)
Population at risk of poverty or social exclusion (Europe 2030)
Social protection (ESSPROS)
Social protection receipts
Social protection expenditure
Social benefits by functions
Crime and justice
Crimes, accused and persons convicted
Crimes with penalty inflicted and persons convicted by place of commitment of crimes
Anti-social acts and crimes of minor and juvenile persons 
Gender-based violence (EU-GBV, 2021)
Housing fund
Short term statistics of newly built residential buildings
Housing fund

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