Annual Business Statistics
Non-financial Enterprises
Financial Enterprises
Non-Profit Institutions
Structural Business Statistics - Non-Financial Enterprises
Structural Business Statistics - Financial Enterprises
Structural Business Statistics - business demography
Family business
Short term statistics
Transport and services
Road Freight Transport (RFT)
Railway transport
Water Transport
Air Transport
National Road Network
Postal services
Expenditure on acquisition of tangible fixed assets
Foreign Direct Investments
Bussines Surveys
Business survey in industry, construction, retail trade and service sector
Investment activity in industry
Consumer survey
Trips of Bulgarian residents abroad and arrivals of visitors from abroad to Bulgaria
Accommodation establishments
Tourist trips and tourism related expenditure of the population
Tourism Satellite Accounts
R&D and innovation
Research and development activity (R&D)
Government budget appropriations or outlays on R&D (GBAORD)
Innovation activity
Information society
ICT usage in households
ICT usage in enterprises
Foreign Trade with goods
Exports, imports and trade balance
Exports and imports price indices

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